Radbrew Space Transport Services is a new service provided by Radbrew to ferry specific postcards between bars where they deliver beer. In a postapocalyptic world where sending a postcard can cost as much as a can of pea soup, a co-operative mail service is a must!

Since this service requires co-operation from the bars, we will be adding them to the list when someone joins up. Right now we are in process of looking for "postoffices". More info coming soon!

If your bar is interested in becoming a "post office" please let us know. You'll find our contact info at the bottom of the page.

This service is considered to be extremely unreliable and slow. Meteors, rain, snow, forgetful head or beautiful women might inhibit the delivery. Even at the best case scenario it might take weeks or months for the mail to get delivered. Use at your own risk!

Brought to you by:
The Postmaster General
Radbrew Space Transport Services

List of post offices:
Radbrew brewery at Kaarina, Finland