‘Post-apocalyptic beer for brewolutionistic people’

What is Radbrew?
Radbrew is a post-apocalyptic themed craft brewery located in Kaarina, just outside the border of Turku.

Our craft and passion.
Our passion is to create the finest of exciting beers using the highest  quality of carefully sourced ingredients. We also believe that our beers should be delivered straight from the brewery to the pub taps without any intermediary storages to insure freshness.

We brew in small batches and our beer is entirely handcrafted to insure an optimal outcome from the ingredients available. 
After all, beer is an agricultural product.

Our pots and pans.
The design of our custom made 1100 liter brewhouse is capable of handling a megaton of hops and a growing number of 1000 liter stainless steel conical fermenters gives us great working conditions for most of our workforce, the yeast cells. Finally when the beer is ready to be served, we pack it into 30 liter Keykegs for convenience of our customers and for the safety of our environment.

What does “Rad” stand for?
It might have something to do with our theme, or maybe we just found words like 'cool', 'awesome', and 'tight' to be lame. Maybe we just like radio and radar. Perhaps our brewery is just active or maybe you should ask the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Urban Dictionary might have an opinion as well...

Why pick a post-apocalyptic theme?
Having always been fans of the genre and having a long history with it, it was actually a no brainer. It allows picking on all the weird things of the 1950’s, and deal with humour with the effects of a nuclear war. A possibility that should not be forgotten. And besides Mad Max needs his beer too.

About hygiene.
When you are thinking about brewing you might expect most of the work to be experimenting, boiling and tasting. You wouldn't be far of since that is an important part of daily life in any brewery. However what you do most in any decent brewery would be cleaning. Cleanliness is the most important aspect in brewing and reproducing good beer! In our brewery we take cleaning seriously and the entire design of the brewery is based on easy and effective cleaning. White, washable surfaces, stainless steel equipment, chemically resistant hoses combined with the right cleaning tools and agents makes it possible to create processes that will result in highest level of sanitation every time. In a clean brewery it is easy to make sure that all of our ingredients are safe and ready to transform into great beers!


Our story as brewers begun with the discovery of our taste buds which was quickly followed by the discovery of good food, proper beer and the local homebrewing club. During the next couple of months now referred as our “stone-age of brewing”, we learned how to grind malt with billiard balls and floor tiles. We also created our infamously horrible fermented creations, like the tomato wine. 

Years, a proper malt mill, and hundreds of batches after the tomato wine incident, we found ourselves being leaders of the homebrewing club, as well as local “MacGyvers”. Soon we started discussing the next logical step in our journey, our own brewery. 

This thought begun as a small recurring joke in the sauna or after a pint but escalated during the year step-by-step to full technical drawings and calculations. Being the "MacGyvers" that we were we decided to build our own equipment using mass produced parts and out-of-the-box thinking. Our motto was “we must do it under 10% of the normal cost or we'll find another way”. To our amazement the 10% rule together with google translated german produced a fully functional 1100 liter brewhouse that met all health and hygiene requirements as well as our crazy high standards for usability and ease of process.

With the financial help of some of our good friends and some government aids we were able to start building the brewery in the spring of 2014. As a place we settled on the city of Kaarina because it was not-so-painfully-bureaucratic-as-Turku. Location is optimal, right next to the border of Turku and easy access to the largest highway in the area. In the autumn, only half a year later, we had a fully functional, legalized brewery with lots of shiny stainless steel. A long journey from billiard balls and floor tiles...



A mad chemist/brewing encyclopedia that is obsessed with stainless steel, elastomeres and killing germs. He is also responsible for the inhouse lab where he likes to fiddle with refractometers and pH-meters. Some say his feeling of hunger disappears when he touches stainless steel and lots of stainless steel is necessary or otherwise he's extremely grumpy when kebab delivery is late. Patrik has been known for sometimes going a bit overkill with the scaling of components, resulting in scary vacuums and nocturnal foam parties. In that light it is great that he has been studying process chemistry and pharmacy as it makes him perfect for cleaning up the mess later. His late nights with too much google and wikipedia have resulted in big savings while choosing the parts for our brewhouse and by trying to watch every documentary film there is has given us some nice facts for our crazy marketing strategy. Since lately most mornings seem to start rather late for him it is great to have bars and pubs as customers, however his girlfriend might disagree.


A stetson wearing renaissance genius whose future might have inspired MacGyver back in -85. He is responsible for our administrative duties, structural calculations and olfactorial quality assurance. Backround in IT makes him perfect for doing something else than IT and as an accomplished traveler, bagpacker, diver, surfer etc. exporting beer to exotic destinations shouldn't be a problem especially if it's necessary to travel there, and stay there to do some advertising, and participating on many activities to promote our products and feel the wind on his face during the warm tropical nights and the bright stars in the night sky. So much green everywhere and the humidity...

...Got lost there for a moment...

He also has years of experience in brewing beer as well as other scary and not so scary fermented products. The scifi fan in him is responsible for some of the crazy marketing ideas and the photographer in him for keeping(/trying to keep) some level of good taste in the middle of all that.